CAC No. 160967


By ‘Deola Adeyemi

In a display of unity and dedication to the development of Yewaland, the Yewa Youth Association (YYA) convened its February 2024 meeting at the palace of Oloola of Ilara-Yewa. With a strong sense of purpose, seventy-eight youths representing various towns’ Central Youth bodies and organizations from across Yewaland gathered to discuss and strategize for the progress of their communities, Yewaland and Ogun State.

The meeting kicked off with an inspiring royal message from the Oloola Ilara-in-Council, represented by the Asiwaju of Ilara and Babaloja of Ilara. The council extended their blessings to the enthusiastic youths who had traveled from different corners in the pursuit of Yewaland’s development. The leaders acknowledged the passion displayed by the young attendees and expressed gratitude for their commitment to the betterment of the region.

One of the highlights of the gathering was the presentation of reports from various town Youth organizations. The leaders urged all attendees to intensify their efforts towards community development, emphasizing the importance of regular youth meetings and the initiation of impactful developmental projects. Those without a central youth body were encouraged to establish one, with the promise of assistance from YYA whenever needed.

Reflecting on the achievements of the past year, the association presented comprehensive reports on 2023 activities, particularly the Yewa Youth Leadership Conference. Additionally, updates on the Yewa People’s Development Council (YPDC) and the Yewa Cultural Festival were shared, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Yewaland.

The meeting addressed the reconstitution of the committees overseeing crucial YYA projects. These initiatives, including the Yewa Youth Career Talk for secondary school students and the Yewa Youth Stop Crime Campaign, were entrusted with the responsibility of intensifying their efforts. The committee members were charged to seek assistance when necessary and ensure the successful execution of these projects across Yewaland.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration with government bodies, the meeting directed the YYA President and his executive to establish strong ties with structures handling federal and state government projects. The aim is to locally source artisans for facilitated projects across Yewaland, thereby creating opportunities for the region’s youths.

Concluding the meeting on a high note, the leaders directed all youth leaders to continue motivating the youths of Yewaland to strive for excellence. The emphasis was on diligence, patriotism, and passion for the development of their father’s land. The call to be the best versions of themselves resonated throughout the assembly, setting the stage for a future where the youth of Yewaland are at the forefront of positive change.

In conclusion, the February 2024 meeting of the Yewa Youth Association is a testament to the unwavering commitment of youths across Yewaland to the progress and prosperity of their communities. With collaborative efforts and a shared vision, the future looks bright for Yewaland and its dynamic youth population.