CAC No. 160967


Words by: late Chief Mrs Juliana A. Ibikunle (Iyalaje) (Nee Oketogun)
Music by: Mr. Kola Oketogun
Arrangement and Cordination by: Bamidele Obafemi Akinola
“Sang by: Yewa Progressive Choir”

1. Yewa ni moyo
Nile to f’omi ayo wera
Ile to f’okan bale pese
Omi jeje abe irawe
Odo lolo eba Odan
To ya ki won nile Idogo
To san ‘gbala wosa l’Ado
Ile Ileri, Ile Ibi mi.

Full Interlude:
Yewa fagbe soba
Yewa fegbeje ede sayo
Yewa lo ni bode Ola
Yewa lo ni kokoro Aje
At’oke at’ogbun leso
Bi Yewa pe logan, maje
Ma se se omo Akoni
Ma f’ayo sise ile ibi mi

Okunkun ko si mo
L’ori Yewa, ka duro sinsin
Bi mo r’Okun r’Osa nko
Bi mo d’ade Aiye gbogbo
Sebi Yewa l’ogo temi
Nko je f’go Yewa gbole
Tori Itan Amuyangan—(rall)
E dide! K’ajo gbe Yewa ga. ——(rall)


The anthem was approved by the Yewa Traditional Council in the year 2010.

The song is a one stanza song with different music expression in 3 stages.

Part 1 deals with the river as a binding natural geographical entity flowing into different
communities that make up Yewáland.

Part 2 talks about our vocation, industry and the main agrarian nature of Yewa People.
It relates it to the industrious capabilities of Yewa People and the fact that Yewa is the
Gateway to the economy of the nation Nigeria. This is why Ogun State is tagged “The
Gateway State”.

This part also states the avowed response to call to duty for Yeewaland.

Part 3 is a call to the people of Yewa for unity and collective responsibility to make
Yewáland great.

The composition of the music in general talks in 3 parts about our towns, the river’s
boundaries, our relationship, commerce, ethics and tradition.
Be as it is now, the parts are woven and interrelated musically.

The wordings, music and arrangements were by 3 illustrious children of Yewa.

Wordings by: Late Chief Mrs Julianah. A Ibikunle (Nee Oketogun).

Music by Kola Oketogun

The rearrangement by Pst. Bamidele Obafemi Akinola

The choir were the original young children who sang it initially. They are all grown up

The focus of the music is not to have a monotonous hymn as anthem.
It is geared at displaying Yewa rich musical instruments like Bàtà, Omele, agogo etc.
The desire is to enliven listeners to kick and move to to Yewá dancing style inherited
from Oyo kingdom.