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Who Can Join Us

YEWA Association/Club/Organisation

The organisation may be in or outside Nigeria

The organisation functions as YEWA-centred but is neither a community managed organisation nor a religious body

The organisation is a community-managed organisation with a focus on community development, social inclusion and community focused services or

The organisation is a Yewa regional body, or

The organisation is a YEWA-based and managed organisation with a primary focus on specific service delivery.

The organisation has been nominated and approved for membership

YEWA Communities

Yewa Communities, not located within the current geographical delineation of Yewaland in Nigeria or delineated into another country by virtue of history or other circumstances, is entitled to representation on the Council, e. g. Benninoise, Oke-Ogun, West Indies, etc.

YEWA Individual

The person must be an indigene of Yewa

The person may currently be  associated with an organisation which is a member of the YPDC; or

The person may currently be a member of a YEWA Community recognized by the Paramountcy; or

The person has a recognized YEWA person, on his or her merit is co-opted by Council.

The person has been nominated and approved for membership

How to Join

  1. Read our membership terms and conditions according to our constitution
  2. Download Our Membership Form.
  3. Fill the Form.
  4. Send a Scanned copy to our Email

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