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Ogun 2027: Dr. Salako Urges Ogun West To Reset, Re-strategize, Harness Its Potential To Clinch Governorship Position

By Adetokunbo FAKEYE

Nigeria – The Minister of State for Environment, Dr. Iziaq Kunle Salako has called on all Yewa people at home and in the diaspora to work in synergy and harness their potential for achieving seemingly elusive political agenda and laying the foundation for accelerated socio-economic development of Yewaland.

Dr. Salako, a prominent indigene of Yewaland stated this on Saturday, 11th May, 2024, as Guest Speaker at the 8th Distinguished Lecture Series, “Yewas Talk”, themed: “Yewaland: Harvesting our potential and Opportunities towards 2027 and Beyond”, organized by Yewaland Development Forum, YDF, at the Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja Lagos.

Salako emphasized the needs for Yewa people to build bridges of understanding, accommodation, collaboration and cooperation across all the social, political and political divides to achieve their governorship ambition in 2027, stating that “Elections are not won by sentiments or bravado but through hard work, strategic planning and putting the right candidate forward”.

The Hon. Minister also noted that, in spite of their huge potential, such as huge population, visibility in both state and national politics, rising political consciousness, fidelity to agreements and temperate nature, synergy of purpose and lack of strategic planning had made Ogun West governorship ambition elusive.

He noted, “As the gateway to Ogun State, an average Ogun State citizen wants a Yewa man as Ogun State Governor but regrettably, we have not been able to properly harnessed these potential and opportunities towards achieving our goal”.

Dr. Salako concluded by saying that “Judging the pivotal role played by Ogun West in determining the success of the APC led government in the 2023 governorship election and having broken the ministerial jinx, blessed with other political appointments at the national and sub-national levels, and occupying a strategic political position in Ogun State, 2027 provides yet another opportunity for us as a people to reset and re-strategize to clinch the coveted governorship seat”.

The Hon. Minister of State for Environment, however, noted that, “This can only be achieved through adequate consultation, setting achievable internal agenda, avoiding total dependence on incumbency factor, mustering adequate financial strength, building on past experience, putting competent candidate forward, be prepared to make the required sacrifice and creating necessary alignments and cooperation beyond South West Senatorial District”

Source: Prowling eagles